For law enforcement 2017 will be remembered as a year of intense terrorist activity, with the impact felt in policing across the country.  City of London Police were involved with all three London attacks. The London Bridge/Borough Market attack began within the City, officers, both armed and unarmed, from the force were first on the scene, neutralising the attackers and tending to the wounded.

Although terrorist activity dominated policing for 2017, City of London Police had a successful year across a range of other areas of responsibility, from our national portfolio for economic crime to our local responsibilities in the Square Mile.  Noteworthy successes for our economic crime directorate include the conviction of three men for fraud relating to the food chain, the ‘horsemeat’ trial, and from our intellectual property crime unit, the conviction of a man for selling dangerous fake air bags, illustrating the risk inherent with counterfeit products.  Details of our national economic crime portfolio can be found here.

Illustrating the depth of knowledge in economic crime across the force, Commissioner Ian Dyson and T/Commander Dave Clark gave evidence before two Parliamentary select committees last year, part of enquiries into online fraud and the future of policing, respectively.

Locally, the major crime team were responsible for the conviction of David Harris, sentenced to 14 years in prison for conspiring to have his partner killed.   In line with the national trend, reported crime increased across most crime types in the City, although the Square Mile remains one of the safest areas in London.  A number of initiatives were commenced with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and British Transport Police (BTP) to address crime from a Pan-London perspective.  These include Op Gondola, to tackle moped-enabled crime and Op Sceptre, which seeks to reduce knife crime in the capital.

The national armed officer up-lift programme has provided funding for more officers, and this coupled with adjustments to our core funding and contribution from the City of London Corporation, have led to an increase in officer numbers from 710 to 735.  Ensuring secure future funding for the force, however, remains an area we are constantly mindful of, with work underway to develop a sustainable force structure.

Chairman’s foreword

In my second year as Chairman we have seen significant changes to the policing landscape both national and locally. Together with the Police, we faced a number of challenges and have worked diligently to overcome them.  I am delighted to see that the City of London Police has continued to ensure that the City remains safe and secure, as demonstrated by the performance figures for the past year.

The Force has the full support of the Committee as they undertake a major review of the way policing is delivered in the City. This radical programme to fundamentally transform our police service will be delivered within our current budgetary & financial constraints. However, be assured that during this significant time of change, the Force will continue to deliver a visible and effective police service in the City.

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A message from the Commissioner

Welcome to this year’s City of London Police Annual Report, a new, purely online method to highlight the achievements of the City of London Police in 2017/18.

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