Acquisitive crime

What we said

  • Work in partnership and be innovative in our approach to tackling crime, targeting hotspots and known offenders.
  • Adopt a collaborative approach to problem solving, to maintain the City of London as a low crime, safe area.
  • Tackle alcohol-related crime through a joined up, partnership approach.
  • Mount specific, targeted operations to address emerging challenges and provide quality-focused investigations, with high quality evidence supporting successful prosecutions.
  • Ensure victims can easily report crime and thereafter receive a professional response.
  • Maintain our focus on incidents of domestic abuse and child protection, which remain an integral part of our victim care strategy.
  • Work with our residents, businesses and workers to encourage them to take an active role in crime prevention.
  • Continue to identify and target persistent offenders to reduce re-offending.

What we did

  • Reviewed and improved our use of our patrol strategy that targets hotspots and focuses resources where they are most needed.
  • Run specific operations targeting different types of offending.
  • Worked closely with partners and utilised problem-solving techniques to impact positively on volume offending, including acquisitive and alcohol-related crime.
  • Taken a full role in our local Safer City Partnership.
  • Operation Sceptre: working in partnership with MPS and BTP with the aim of reducing knife crime, by targeting not only those who carry and use knives, but also the supply, access and importation of weapons.
  • Violent Crime Task Force – Partnership policing with the MPS, tackling serious violent crime in the Capital.


  • HMICFRS graded our effectiveness at investigating crime as ‘GOOD’ within the 2018/19 PEEL Inspection.
  • Victim-based violent crime showed a 25% increase, 1038 recorded in 2017/18, compared to 1301 offences recorded in 2018/19.
  • Victim-based acquisitive crime showed a 22% increase, 3763 offences recorded in 2017/18 compared to 4583 offences in 2018/19.
  • In the first six months of the Violent Crime Task Force there have been:
    • 1,361 Arrests;
    • 340 Knives recovered;
    • 258 Offensive weapons recovered; and
    • 40 Firearms recovered.