Cyber crime

What we said

  • Enhance understanding of cyber-crime through working in partnership with other law enforcement agencies, and apply proactive intelligence and prevention strategies to address it.
  • Improve our capability to tackle cyber-crime by training our frontline staff (including call centre and front desk staff) to recognise cyber-related reports of crime, to enhance intelligence and evidence gathering.
  • Train our officers in the skills necessary to investigate cyber-crime effectively.
  • Embed tackling cyber-crime into core community policing.
  • Be flexible across geographical boundaries.
  • Support our residents, businesses and workers to protect themselves against the risk from cyber-crime.
  • Intervene to stop our community from being drawn into low-level cyber-crime, including online purchases through criminal websites.
  • Develop techniques to identify and disrupt ongoing cyber-crime impacting on the City of London.
  • Ensure victims affected by cyber-crime receive the support they need.

What we did

  • Identified cases which have involved cyber criminality and made early arrests to prevent ongoing harm.
  • Conducted cyber-related investigations into Ransomware, Data Theft, Bitcoin Mining and the Insider threat.
  • Made arrests in connection with hacking, corporate espionage and investigated offences connected to computer misuse and bitcoin mining.
  • Delivered events to partners to raise awareness of personal cyber security.
  • Worked with partners and businesses in the City of London to assess vulnerabilities associated with the ICT systems.
  • Delivered awareness training to schools and businesses to raise awareness of cyber bullying and encourage its reporting.
  • Identified and utilised an innovative training exercise to improve business awareness and capability associated with cyber criminality.
  • 100% of young people identified as vulnerable to cybercrime received PREVENT contact and intervention from a PREVENT officer.
  • Developed and delivered a service which teaches companies to how to apply police response procedures and techniques to a cyber-attack.
  • Developed and delivered a service which allows businesses to have a free cyber security assessment from trained officers, designed to improve overall security.


  • The number of cyber-crime referrals to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau was 72, compared to 79 in 2017/18.
  • 100% of referrals of cyber-crime to the City of London Police National Fraud Intelligence Bureau are currently investigated.
  • Having created four free cyber-protect services, we have now diarised engagements with 1,500 people in our force area.
  • Engagement feedbacks have exceeded the national KPI – 75% of those engaged with, or higher, will commit to a security change.
  • 75% of organisations and the public who received PROTECT advice reported they had changed their behaviours as a result.