What we said

  • Focus our efforts on the issues that are the greatest threats to the City’s communities and businesses.
  • Contribute to the national understanding of fraud threats and criminality and developing proactive intelligence and prevention strategies to address it.
  • Continue to work with stakeholders, including the National Crime Agency, and the wider regional, national and international counter-fraud community, to protect the City and national interests, and tackle criminals overseas who target the UK.
  • Continue to engage with police and crime commissioners and the National Police Chiefs’ Council, regarding the implementation of national economic crime strategies.
  • Influence and support policy-making at a national level.
  • Provide a national investigation capability.
  • Address serious organised criminality.
  • Engage with our residents, workers, businesses and financial regulators to determine their priorities around tackling fraud.
  • Encourage victims to report fraud and cyber-crime, helping vulnerable victims to receive the help and support they need.
  • Run an Economic Crime Academy that educates and provides individuals and businesses with the skills necessary to identify and combat fraud.

What we did

  • Worked closely with numerous stakeholders and partners, the National Crime Agency and other law enforcement agencies, to shape the national response to fraud.
  • Successfully prosecuted numerous high-profile fraud cases.
  • Successfully investigated large-scale frauds, operating internationally.
  • Disrupted organised crime groups, reducing the potential harm these groups have on victims.
  • Made effective use of proceeds of crime legislation to deprive criminals of their gains and help make reparations to victims.
  • Economic Crime Victims of Crime Unit continued to provide specialist support to victims of fraud.
  • Continued to develop our National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and Action Fraud reporting service.
  • Continued to develop the capacity and capability of our Economic Crime Academy.
  • We are partners in the new National Economic Crime Centre – we have seconded staff to design and operate this new capability to tackle serious and organised economic crime.
  • We secured funding from the Police Transformation Fund to:
    1. roll out a new escalation process for fraud investigations and post Regional Fraud Development Officers in every ROCU, to support NLF objectives and improve coordination and inter-operability across national, regional and local policing;
    2. train nearly 600 officers across 43 forces in serious fraud investigation;
    3. pilot a direct-entry fraud investigation programme in Merseyside and Hampshire; and
    4. create a new taskforce between NLF and NCA to tackle serious and organised economic crime.


  • £25,895 value of cash forfeiture orders made under the Proceeds of Crime Act.
  • £1,348,389 value of cash seizures made under the Proceeds of Crime Act.
  • £5,795,166 value of cash compensation orders made.
  • 627 victims received compensation totalling £4,558,545.
  • 487 reports of fraud in the City this year, compared to 548 in 2017/18.
  • The Economic Crime Academy delivered 102 courses attended by 1,064. Of the external delegates, 388 were from police forces, 397 from the public and charity sectors and 164 from private sector organisations. 72 delegates received training overseas.
  • Over 230 officers across 43 forces trained in serious fraud investigation in 2018/19.
  • Our Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Card Unit has:
    • Charged 71 suspects;
    • Disrupted 11 Organised Crime Groups;
    • Recovered details of 32,307 compromised UK card numbers from criminal gangs;
    • Seized/recovered £340k of criminal assets; and
    • Made an estimated £94.5M in savings/disruptions to industry.