Countering terrorism

What we said

We said we would

  • Work in partnership with our community, national and international partners to protect the City of London from terrorism.
  • Provide up to date protective security advice and guidance to residents and businesses.
  • Engage with groups and individuals to prevent them from turning to terrorism and extremism.
  • Develop new and improve existing tactics to counter the threat from terrorism.
  • Use intelligence and analysis to target the deployment of resources to deter, detect and disrupt terrorism.
  • Make full use of existing and emerging technology (CCTV and automatic number plate recognition) to complement our service delivery.
  • Work with City businesses to improve awareness and response capabilities in organisations across the City.
  • Deploy and advertise the outcomes of our use of specialist ‘behaviour detection officers’ (Project SERVATOR).
  • Support Corporation of London lead in educating staff from partner agencies and the voluntary sector with regard to preventing terrorism.
  • Engage with City Businesses, schools, other institutions and stakeholders to identify any venues or individuals who may be engaged in extremist rhetoric.

What we did

We have 

  • Worked closely with our partners in the Metropolitan Police Service, the City of London Corporation and national security agencies regionally and nationally to protect the City of London from the threat of terrorism. This included the exchange of intelligence and analysis to inform our approach to tackling terrorism. Our work with partners has included initiatives to support families affected by extremism and radicalisation.
  • Completed over 500 briefings, training exercises and table-top exercises over the course of the year to ensure residents and businesses remain informed and in the case of first responders and the wider police family, have the skills to respond appropriately to identifying suspicious behaviour and responding to an incident should it occur.
  • Continued to develop our use of specialist behavioural officers (Project SERVATOR) and are rolling out training to forces across the country.
  • Continued to exploit CCTV and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology to best advantage to protect the City of London.


Our resources are being effectively used to counter the threat from terrorism and the City of London remains a safe and secure location to live, do business and visit.

The majority of residents, workers and visitors feel safe in the City of London (91% of those surveyed, 6.5% said they feel a little unsafe and 2.5% (13 respondents) said they feel very unsafe).

HMICFRS consider the force’s response to the threat from terrorism (and associated protective services) to be appropriate.