In May 2017, the City of London Police Major Crime Team secured the conviction of 68-year-old David John Harris for three counts of solicitation to murder, following an extensive investigation. Following a two-week trial at the Old Bailey, Harris was found guilty of approaching a series of people he believed to be “hitmen” and trying to encourage and persuade them to kill his partner, Hazel Allinson. Between February and November 2016, Harris solicited three different men, one of whom was an undercover City of London Police officer, to commit the murder. When he was arrested by City officers, Harris denied the allegations and instead claimed the meetings were simply research for a crime novel he was planning to write – an explanation which did not convince the jury. On July 14 2017, he was jailed for 17 years.

0:58 video clip of CCTV footage of Harris meeting a “hitman” in a pub in October and November 2016 (no audio) released May 19 2017 upon conviction.

13:58 audio clip of Harris talking to a “hitman” released July 14 2017 upon sentence – with the transcript of the meeting as subtitles; undercover officer with voice blurred.