The identity fraud campaign was launched on 27 June, on the same day as the National Economic Crime Co-ordinator, T/Commander Dave Clark spoke at the Identity Crime Conference, held at the QE2 in London.

The campaign was launched in partnership with Cifas and Equifax. It was centred on the identity crime conference and YouGov survey which helped to show the prevalence of Identity Crime in the UK. It was decided that the campaign should launch on the same day as the Identity Crime Conference which T/Commander Dave Clark was speaking at. This had a twofold effect; drawing attention to the event and providing the Commander with a springboard for his speech. A video was created to be used during the speech, which helped to showcase the campaign.

Don't go through the horror of having your identity stolen! If your computer doesn't have antivirus software installed, it's a way in for fraudsters. #AreYouOneOfThem? Discover more shocking stats at Figures from YouGov survey in partnership with Cifas and Equifax

Posted by Action Fraud on Tuesday, 27 June 2017

To best utilise the YouGov survey results, infographics were produced to share on all of the partner’s social media channels throughout the campaign week.

A press release which encapsulated the key messages, reporting figures and the YouGov survey figures was placed on each of the partner’s websites.