Developing our priorities

Our priorities, which form the core of our policing plan, are set with our Police Committee. We assess all the risks and threats that impact on the City of London, considering the level of harm they present together with the likelihood of them occurring.

From this we develop a risk register and a number of strategic assessments, which together provide an evidence base for the priorities adopted for the City of London. They also demonstrate how we are addressing identified threats and risks.

We engage with our community and listen to their concerns so they can influence how policing is delivered in the City of London, whilst engaging with key people ensures our service is bespoke to the needs of the business City. Engagement at the most local level, with residents and workers, ensures that grass-roots concerns are heard and addressed. We pay close regard to our obligation to support the national Strategic Policing Requirement, which sets out those matters relating to terrorism,serious organised crime and civil unrest that the Home Secretary considers to be national threats transcending force boundaries. Cyber crime and the threat posed by child sexual exploitation were the latest additions to the requirement.

As many of our priorities directly support our national commitments it is no longer cited as a separate priority. When setting our priorities we also take account of our commitments to the Safer City Partnership and to the City of London Corporation’s key aim for a safe and secure City. This ensures we support community safety priorities, just as our partners have regard to our priorities when setting their own.

The resulting priorities for 2017/18, addressed both our national and local obligations.

Also listed are the activities we undertook to meet the priorities and the outcome of our actions.

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