On 25 September 2017, the City of London Police launched its Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) campaign, ‘There’s More At Stake When It’s a Fake’. The campaign aimed to raise awareness of the risk of ID fraud and the safety implications when buying counterfeit goods online.

It also provided the public with advice on how they can protect themselves against ID fraud and what they can do if they become a victim as well as information on how to avoid buying fakes.

Focus was given to various topics and items on social media during the campaign, including football shirts and handbags. A case study was also used to highlight the dangers of buying counterfeit shoes.

A press release was sent out to national, local and trade media and social media was used throughout the campaign to share messaging. The hashtag #MoreAtStake was created and used on Twitter, as were videos and infographics to support the campaign. Engagement on Twitter was high and a total of 165,00 impressions were made throughout the campaign. There was extensive reporting of the campaign across national, local and trade press and the total reach, based on the figures available, was 70,000,000.