Violent and acquisitive crime

What we said

We said we would

  • Work in partnership and be innovative in our approach to tackling crime, targeting hotspots and known offenders.
  • Adopt a collaborative approach to problem solving to maintain the City of London as a low crime, safe area.
  • Tackle alcohol-related crime through a joined up, partnership approach.
  • Mount specific, targeted operations to address emerging challenges and provide quality-focused investigations, with high quality evidence supporting successful prosecutions.
  • Ensure victims can easily report crime and thereafter, receive a professional response.
  • Maintain our focus on incidents of domestic abuse and child protection, which remains an integral part of our victim care strategy.
  • Work with our residents, businesses and workers to encourage them to take an active role in crime prevention.
  • Continue to identify and target persistent offenders to reduce re-offending.

What we did

We have

  • Introduced a new patrol strategy that targets hotspots and focuses resources where they are most needed.
  • Run specific operations targeting different types of offending.
  • Worked closely with partners and utilised problem solving techniques to impact positively on volume offending, including acquisitive and alcohol-related crime.
  • Taken a full role in our local Safer City Partnership.
  • Launched an online facility for people to report and track progress on their crime.
  • Worked with the Metropolitan Police Service to implement an improved process for monitoring and addressing persistent or prolific offenders across London.


  • People can report and track their crime more easily.
  • Victim based violent crime showed a 12% increase (922 recorded in 2016/17, 906 recorded in 2015/16), only 7 forces had a lower increase. The national average increase was 20%, with 10 forces recording increases of between 30% and 50%.
  • Victim based acquisitive crime showed a 6.6% increase (7th lowest increase in the country, 3545 recorded in 2016/17, 3194 record in 2015/16). The national average increase was 9%, with 18 forces recording increases between 10% and 23%.80.2% of victims of crime satisfied with the service provided.
  • 80.2% of victims of crime satisfied with the service provided.