The City of London Police supported a national week of action to raise awareness of the dangers of using your phone while driving and target individuals who are committing these types of offences in a bid to improve road safety in the Square Mile.

While the majority of drivers are compliant with the law, a similar campaign ran by police forces nationwide in January 2018 led to 3,001 motorists being stopped and 1,997 mobile phone offences being detected.

Following new legislation that came into effect early in 2017, drivers will now receive six points on their driving licence and a £200 fine if caught using their phone whilst driving. This can include using a phone to make a call, write a text or other message, take a photo or video, control your music, or post on social media.

According to findings published by the RAC’s Report on Motoring 2017, 40% of drivers said that handheld mobile phone use, and the distraction it inevitably causes, is one of their top four concerns. Although 24% of drivers do not expect to be caught if they break motoring laws.

Sergeant Richard Stephens from the City of London Police’s Transport & Highways Operations Group said:

“The City of London Police will be supporting this national week of action and warning drivers about the risk they pose to themselves, and other road users, when they use their mobile phone behind the wheel.

“The new legislation which means drivers can receive six points when caught committing these offences, is an excellent deterrent for drivers. Six points can result in someone’s licence being revoked and them losing their car for a considerable amount of time which could ultimately cause a loss of livelihood and pose a significant inconvenience.”